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In the wake of a personal tragedy, Reverend MATTHEW FORD moves to a small town to rebuild his life and encounters a troubled young woman named JAIDA. Sensing her cry for help, Matthew makes the fateful decision to visit Jaida at her isolated farmhouse and discovers the existence of her young son, DANNY, who she claims was immaculately conceived and possesses special abilities that are rooted in evil.

Before Matthew can reason with her, she subdues him, holding him captive to keep the secret safe and enlist his help, believing it to be divine intervention. Now her hostage, Matthew finds himself plotting ways to escape all while questioning his own beliefs when, inexplicably, parts of Jaida's claims ring true -- but, is Danny supernaturally dangerous, or a simply a "gifted" boy negatively influenced by being a prisoner in his own home?

As the tragic events unfold, the question arises...Is evil predestined or does free will ultimately decide?

Production Slated For 2021


Written by:

David Flores & Jared Roe


Christopher Watkins

Kevin Goetz

Charles Stiefel